JP7 in a Can

There are special indulgences that I allow my self to partake in whilst I am watching the odometer miles change shape in the speedodometer consol blur...that is to say, I really can not resist Starbucks mocha energy drinks, so much so, my bride will stock up on them before a family road trip. I have considered packing them out on two-wheeled road trips but they are heavy and the class construction does not lend itself to my wreck-it-Ralph tendencies...
So, the drill during gas breaks is this: lift helmet visor up, memorize pump number, enter gas station, pay, pump gas, return for change, use head (restroom)and check frig for Starbucks bottled mocha frappicino drink, hem and haw, breakdown, make purchase, slam, and allow the sugar and caffeine to guide my throttle hand...
Well, whilst stopped for gasolina in the area of the Jefferson Davis home in Biloxi, Mississippi, I went through almost the whole drill, minus the headcall, when I discovered a slightly cheaper, but super-better alternative to my usual poison:
Mexican Mocha is the shnizzle! I mean, can you not tell by the look on the Thud's face? So now I was obsessing over the Mexican Mocha every time I went into a gas station during the Northern Invasion trip. The Mexican Mocha powered me on like the magik elixir JP-7. I was disappointed to find that a gas station in Winchester Virginia did not have this special nectar, but I found an equally substitute from our friends at Rockstar Energy Drinks, called Horchata Energy. I believe that this may become the official drink of the "Road To Ruinas" tour...perhaps they will become a sponsor? I may have to order some for my own private stock...suffice to say, the horchata drink plus Cliff bar gave me and Thud the ability to reach Mach 3, thus ensuring a very expeditious cruising speed out on the State of Inter 81...
and making our final leg home most quick like! 
Christmas is coming and I will gladly accept Horchata Energy drinks in lieu of gifts. Contact for mailing address!

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