The purpose of a, 'shake-down-ride', is just that-ensure that every bolt, nut, wire-harness, gizmo and gizmachi is tightened, plugged-in, tied-down, et cetra!One could also argue, with certain validity, that one should be in the proper frame-of-mind before attempting any task so as to not 'forget' that critical 'something'. Exhibit 1 in my case would be this:P/N 4197 (Bolt) minus P/N 7862 (Acorn Nut).
You can see what I discovered after a so called, 'shake-down-ride', whilst waiting for the garage door to go up...

I did not pull the bolt out for the picture-the bolt was almost all the way out! Thud is quite the train wreck!


  1. Good catch! A successful shake down ride I would say. Check the order of your hardware. I don't think that lock washer belongs where it is.

  2. Good eye! Thank you for pointing out my error!