Bloggers are a dying breed... I did not receive that memo!
Since approx May 5 I have been laid up due to surgery-nothing life threatening-but I needed to spend some time under the knife. For most of my recovery, I was not very ambulatory. Lot of reading, DVD's, listening to books on CD and learning Espanol. Before I went out of commission, I decided that a new paint job was in order for my freedom machine and with this new paint scheme a new persona for said machine. May I present to you, "Thud".
My inspiration was blossomed from the Republic F105D/G/H Thunderchief/Thud/Wild Weasel and the A10 Thunderbolt, Warthog. Check the Tube and the information highway...
 Both of these aircraft gave as much as they received and kept on going despite some very gnarly and hairy missions. Alas, my freedom machine has gone further and done more with less than most motorcycles will do. No fancy dan gizmos or ghezmachis. Thud's mouth that adorns the fuel tank reflects determination and grit. ALL weather, ALL road conditions, ALL day everyday. Soon Thud and I will be, "..eatting some purple miles...;