AG330 Start Cart

I really could obsess over the SR71...I will indulge a little bit, otherwise the tube of the You will provide you with copious amounts of Blackbird goodness. Okay, you understand my point! But, how in the world does the baddest airplane of ALL times leap into the air? I mean, c'mon, it ain't like you are turning the ignition switch on and hitting the start button! Enter the AG330 start cart.
Twin Buick 400's!Please visit HERE for more info 'bout the AG330 as well as HERE but for now please enjoy the following from the 'tube:

Sled Driver explaining the J58 engines:
and what about the some "tuneage" of J58's...


  1. Pretty good stuff. Its amazing some of the things man has accomplished.

  2. Yes and using sliderules and greymatter!