Notes: Abilene, Texas to Trussville, Alabama, 2008

Notes from the road.
 A heavy-duty, three-ring binder occupies the bottom-left corner of the amber colored bookcase in my office. A plastic and metal repository containing gear list and routes. I have whole trip itinerary's inside the binder. Tidbits of information, slips of hotel/motel stationary containing an iota of a good day or a bad day. A tangible piece of a moment from a epic trip or a simple trip. Printed nicely or jotted down by a lethargic, stiff, throttle hand...

 ...each note or list produces an almost instantaneous memory; anger, fatigue, aw, frustration, contentment, joy, heat, sweat, ice cold rain, snow, panic. The written word of these documents illicit a memory recall akin to the memory recall produced by smell. 

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