Old Dominion Run: Scenic Sunday

There are many nooks and crannies in the Shenandoah Valley along with the nooks, you will ride some twisty neck breaking turns as you travel to and fro. Sunday morning was all sunshine and blue sky's! The agenda for the day was very simple: Walton's Mountain Museum and the Appomattox National Battlefield. We mounted up and set off for the Walton's...
The museum is ALL things "Walton's". Partial sets from the television program, exhibits about the people behind the characters, and the history of Schuyler/ Nelson County Virginia. After we were done revisiting our childhood, we walked 100 yards to what was purported to be a burger joint-it was not! The establishment was in fact a gas station that had over-cooked, dehydrated, yellow heat lamp food: this was a problem! Since our stomach's were telling us it was lunch time and we were not even close to a legitimate restaurant. Now the pressure was on me to do something to prevent an outbreak of hangerism. A pack of Fig newtons bought us time and prevented "Marsha" or "Joe Pesci" moment. The next leg of our journey would be a scenic non-highway ride down to the Appomattox Courthouse. But first, we would have to navigate our way out of Nelson County.We rolled out of town on a non-discript macadam road; I knew we were traveling the right way, however, the road quickly went from smooth to some potholes, sections missing and finally full on gravel road with twists, potholes and sun in your eyes. So, now what? Slow and steady! I did not want to wrestle a 650 pound bike and I know Wyatt did not want to wrestle his 800 pound plus steed! JT is the ADV man! However, I was not trying to test our motorcycle riding abilities and thankfully our gravel road only last a few miles. We paused on the hardtop and I apologized profusely for the gnarly road conditions-I was relieved when I was reassured instead of death threats! On to Appomattox! The traffic was all but non-existent as we weaved our way down to the courthouse. The route took us through a sparsely populated countryside; occasionally we would be able to see the green razorback mountains that contain the Blue Ridge Parkway and Appalachian Trail. The green contrasted nicely with the deep blue summer sky. The Appomattox Courthouse is next to the Buckingham-Appomattox State Forest; we rode past the state forest first and then past the wide open area that contains the courthouse. Since our measly fig newton bars were all but spent, we made a bee-line for the town of Appomattox. The town is but a few blocks and thus we were able to quickly figure out where to eat. Granny Bee's ws our choice since we parked in front of it, were very hungry, and in a very small town that we did not know much about (food wise). Since it was Sunday early afternoon, Granny Bee's was busy, however, they fed us. Now, the only missing part to full restoration was a good cup of coffee! A short walk over to Baine's Books fixed the coffee 'issue'. A great place to enjoy coffee and to check out some gently used reading material. Coffee drank and blood sugar levels restored we visited the Appomattox Visitor's Center and blasted out to see the Court House. Had by camera not been acting up you would be viewing pictures of strange motorcycles and historical buildings.
The Court House-Thank you JT!
Visit if you ever in the area! We left Appomattox in the easing summer heat; our route was interrupted by a road closures. Some how I figured out how to get us back up to Charlottlesville. The ride north was very circuitous and scenic-complete with us rounding a bend and coming face-to-face with a high-speed train! The rest of our evening was spent enjoying the solitude of our summer night campfire; "Bandit", "Wyatt" and "Stealer" had left in the morning with their owners and now with out their presence, the silence was strange...

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