Nowhere In Particular...

 Rare as hen teeth. A whole day to ride. Wyatt inspired me to seek out the roads that are less traveled. My official Pennsylvania map (See Visit PA) high-lighted a route through Lancaster, York, Adams, and Franklin counties. Ole Girl's Dunlop's hugged the Pennsylvania/Maryland state-line using the following PA State Roads: 851, 616, 216, 116 16. Our goal was McConnelsburg.

By the time we arrived in Greencastle, we were in a deficit for time. Plan "B": PA 995 due North to U.S. 30. The atmosphere above us was providing visual signs of possible liquid sunshine. We had no options other than to ride and ride we did! Into the countryside of Franklin County, curvy-swervy roads past some orchards of apple. I was surprised when we reached U.S. 30 to discover that we were a mere 2 miles west of Chambersburg. Gen. Lee and his unwelcome Confederate Army marched through Chambersburg on their way to Gettysburg...The threat of rain stayed with us as were patiently made out way through mid-afternoon traffic until we were hi-balling through Michaux State Forest. Ironically the Confederate Army loosely followed the route of what is now the Lincoln Highway-Gen. Lee stopped in Gettysburg-we did not and neither did General Early, CSA, until he reached the burned down Wrightsville Ferry bridge. He never crossed the Susquehanna, however, Ole Girl and I did on the Lincoln Highway! So, we rode around 240 miles and covered a lot of those miles were previously unexplored!


  1. I just want to let you know I enjoy reading your ride reports and always look forward to your next post.