Old Dominion Run: Wash Out

Soaking Saturday sunrise...
Most of Friday night was spent around the fire catching up and telling grand tales; there was not liquid falling from the heavens but I felt inclined to make sure rain fly of my Kelty tent was properly secured. I bid everyone a goodnight and settled in for sleep. I floated off into sleep. That blissful nether world of oblivion was interrupted a few hours later by the sound of a roaring freight-train, although it was not a freight-train but rather a vengeful, roaring, torrential pounding of rain and wind. The buckets of rain pounding on my tent was deafening; my tent became the inside of a funeral drum. By now I was very much awake and could also smell the rain water that was being forced in-between the bottom of my tent and ground tarp. Wow! What a storm! Probably the most brutal rainstorm that I have ever endured while camping! My 8 year-old Kelty Gunnison performed admirably, although rain managed to infiltrate from the bottom, it never penetrated from above! The Apocalyptic storm eventually wore itself out, thus allowing me to find sleep. Sleep eventually evaporated and my mind was back in the physical world; I could hear a slight light patter of rain. Dawn was a washed out gray. A cold splash of rain greeted me as I poked my head out in between my dry tent and wet rain fly; my gooey eyes focused in on Wyatt's tent. It was still anchored to his spot and I could see JT's abode through the thick green vegetation. I made a bee-line for the head and as I was walking past JT's tent, I spied him and greeted him with a big Cheshire cat's grin!
Drying my tent off later on in the day...
The rain was still in drizzle mode when I returned from the head; the boys were out of their tents and seemingly awake. The consensus amongst us horsemen was that riding in steady rain, all day, would not be enjoyable. So, plan "B" consisted of the following: doughnuts at Charlottlevilles famous Spudnuts. "Jurassic World" IMAX, and the Hibachi Grill for lunch.
Photo courtesy of JT.

All and all the day was not a wash-out despite the fickle liquid sunshine! We were able to end the day around a campfire and I would be able to sleep in a dry tent! Tomorrow would include a stop at an iconic 1970's television show...Good-night Jim Bob.. 

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  1. Here's a tip, that would have kept your tent bone dry.

    Get a tarp, bigger than your tent in all directions, and set it up above your tent. Then, any rain hits/drains from that, and not your tent.

    Trust me, works great.