Road Machine, pt. 1, Introduction & Seat

Harley-Davidson, BMW, and Honda would like it very much if we all purchased one of their 'touring' bikes. Now before ya'll accuse me of being a "hater", I believe that you, my faithful reader, know that I am smitten with the Harley-Davidson Road Glide-just go back a couple of posts! The situation for me is very simple:

  1. I can not afford another bike, new or 'pre-owned'.
  2. Ole Girl has proven herself time and time again-104k miles and counting!
The fact is a Sportster, Dyna, or Softail, can be outfitted into a comfortable touring machine. I am not sure about the VROD. Okay, key elements for a touring/road machine:

  1. Seat
  2. Handlebars
  3. Foot controls
  4. Luggage
Some riders can ride hundreds of miles a day in a stock seat, however, I believe that they would be in the minority for Harley owners!
Ole Girl had a LePera Daytona seat after my gluttonous maxi mus vehemently protested the OEM seat...
Houston, Texas, 2006.
The Le Pera was definitely a big upgrade from the OEM seat but, it still was not excellent for 400-500 mile days! I discovered this in 2006 when I made a 3,000 mile round trip from home to Houston/Galveston, Texas. Some time in 2007, I knew that I would be riding coast-to-coast and riding to Sturgis-both trips would be require extended time in the saddle. The Le Pera seat would become a torture device if I kept Ole Girl saddled with it! Now I was facing the prospect of 600-800 mile days, I knew that it would behove me to purchase a Corbin seat. Not long after I took ownership of Ole Girl, a fellow rider told be about the beauty of the Corbin seat and despite the firmness, it was in fact a very comfortable seat. Corbin seats are not cheap-literally and physically! I discovered this when I bought mine! Five hundred and 600 mile days are no problem astride my Corbin seat-with the backrest, the comfort level rises to another level!

  All right, with the right seat, you will be one road/touring machine! Next time we will discuss handlebars...a personal favorite! Get out there and ride! 

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