Pennsylvania to Maine: TCB

Maine claims the title of, "Vacation Land", but I was there to help Wyatt out with the annual Bike Blessing/Free Breakfast put on by the Southern Maine Black Sheep H.D.F.C. chapter and the Hollis Center Baptist Church.
This was my third or fourth time attending. The weather was absolutely perfect when we left Wyatt's casa...

As part of the breakfast there is a free bike show. I was very preoccupied by all the activity and did not snap too many pictures...

After the breakfast, Wyatt led us on a nice scenic ride up to Laconia, New Hampshire. 

Part of the "Laconica" experience is Weir's Beach and since we had guests from California we endured the stop and go traffic...

...we just shut our machines off and coasted into town as traffic inched towards Weir's Beach-no worries! The amount of bikes crammed into such a small place is astonishing! I really had to keep my hands on the reins as we rolled past the bikes and vendors. From Weir's Beach we enjoyed a late afternoon lunch and walked around the main vendor area centered around Laconia Harley-Davidson and Hart's Turkey Farm restaurant. I thought about buying a new steed and figured that if I left Ole Girl at Wyatt's casa, and rode home on the new bike, what could my bride possibly do? Well, I did not want to find out and Ole Girl is a keeper! The ride back to Wyatt's was perfect and it was too bad that I would have to leave the very next day!


  1. Looks like a fine trip.
    You didn't buy that new bike?
    That's why you're still married and I'm not.

  2. LOL
    Sadly, my wife can not physically handle trips on a motorcycle so, the argument for a full on dresser is worthless! Ole Girl truly fits like a glove!

  3. Next time you are in Weir's Beach, stop at Fun Spot and mash some buttons for me.