Pennsylvania to Maine: Riding Home

 Getting up at 0500 on a Sunday morning is not easy, the task is even harder when you are leaving family and friends! My run up to Vacation Land was all business and I was missing my wife and daughter! Wyatt roused himself from sleep to bid me adieu and to close the garage door-"...see you on the ODR..."I left Maine via Interstate 95 and I was not the only early rider headed south... 

The master plan was this: '95 to US202/US4/NH9 through New Hampshire, VT9 through Vermont, NY22/Taconic State Parkway, I84 through New York and into Pennsylvania where I would pick up US209 in Milford.
New Hampshire was green and pretty; little to no traffic, I made my way through. I knew that I would need fuel somewhere around Wilmington, Vermont...When I was at the 200 mile-you-need-to-get-fuel mark, I was at Belchertown, Massachusetts...this was not good! I knew this was not right and I was hoping that I had not strayed to far into Massachusetts. I fueled up, made a head-call and studied my atlas as I ate bacon that I had re-heated on the engine block. Before really studying the atlas I asked a customer to point out just where I was on the map; his finger landed way down on the map-I was closer to Connecticut than Vermont! Dog-gone it! I WAS not pleased! I was embarrassed by this mistake and disappointed that I missed Vermont! I tried hard to keep my emotions in check as I worked up Plan "B". Okay, I knew that if I could reach MA23 that I would be able to hit Hillsdale, New York in a straight shot. I jotted down Plan "B" on my left hand and got back on the road. Holyoke was all city, traffic light, however, I made it through and managed to find my way onto MA23. This was the silver-lining to my bone-headed mistake. MA23 is very scenic asphalt trail that  runs west-east through the wooded, twisty, hilly Berkshire Mountains. The ride was soothing and extinguished a pity-party! MA23 lead me directly to Hillsdale, New York and over to the TSP. The ride home from New York to Pennsylvania was very, very hot! I must confess that once Ole Girl and I hit PA33, we were pushing Mach 3...

Ole Girl and I wanted to be back home in the worst way! Crossing into Lebanon County from the east, we spied the makings for a nice late Spring thunderstorm; the sky grew coal black and charcoal gray the further south we traveled. The humidity clung to me like a thick, wet, heavy winter blanket. Six miles from home I was praying that the rain would fall soon. That prayer was answered approx 1.5 miles from my home! Ole Girl was creating a sauna as I stood next to her in the deluge of liquid trying to find the garage door opener...we rolled in as the rain became torrential and my bride entered the garage to welcome me home! What a day! 
I did not succeed in visiting Vermont on my machine; I did succeed in meeting some great people and spending quality time with folks that are very dear to me! I will color in Vermont some other time! 
See you out on the road!

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