Pennsylvania to Maine pt. 2

The Taconic State Parkway was an excellent choice. No tractor-trailers and little traffic equaled smooth sailing up the TSP. Lush green views balanced out with thick deep azure sky. No sign of heat and humidity. Reaching Interstate 90 was effortless. A short trip around a ribbon of asphalt and Ole Girl and I were trucking onto Interstate 90. The miles traveled before entering Massachusetts were short; the purple and white "E-Z Pass" sign welcomed us onto the, "Massturnpike". 

Rolling on the Mass-turnpike was a breeze! Traffic was not heavy and we galloped along at 72-75 miles-per-hour. Our leg between the state-line and '495 was incident free, although, I wondered about how well the load on this Clampit-mobile was secured...
...with a twist of the throttle, I encouraged Ole Girl to get around this sketchy club van and laughed out loud when I saw what was painted on the side...
...I am on board with the Kingdom of God, however, I wondered if the driver of the van was trying to fast-track mortals into the Kingdom? I did not stick around as I started to hear the theme music from "CHiPs" and visions of the crazy wreck scenes from that way cool show...Reaching '495 was easy, '495 was flowing along until we met-up with a fender bender. The slow speeds, hot weather combined perfectly with my molten header pipe for an early afternoon bbq of my right thigh. Traffic cleared out and pretty soon we were rolling onto '95. New Hampshire became a peripheral blur. The aqua green bridge took me up and over the Piscataqua River and into my home away from home: Vacationland.

Approx 9 hours and 50 minutes after leaving my casa, I was calling Wyatt from the famous Kittery Trading Post or the KTP as Mainer's call it, to find out where he was; he provided me with easy directions to the Nubble Lighthouse up in Neddick. I hopped onto US 1 and enjoyed a cool, refreshing, steady breeze, that felt like drinking an ice cold clear glass of water! Ahhh! The scenic ride up the coastline accentuated the cool breeze! The hot day blew far and away out into the Gulf of Maine. I stopped briefly at York Beach to snap some pictures of Ole Girl posing along the boulders where she went loco in '09...

When I finally arrived at the Nubble Lighthouse, I tied Ole Girl up and continued to enjoy the sweet-salt breeze.  A fellow rider astride a Roadglide rumbled into the parking lot with his head perked-up like a turkey looking for a spot, I motioned over to him with my clutch hand to direct him over to the empty spot next to mine. He caught my wave and toodeled on over. Once he was done I struck up a conversation with this rider, Ken from Indianapolis, was on some type of trip. He reported having 145k miles on his machine! Wow! We chatted for awhile before Wyatt showed up-what a day! Wyatt and I exchanged greetings before declaring my famished body needed some vittles, and off we went to the Maine Diner

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