Pennsylvania to Maine pt. 1

Left the casa at 0400...very soupy, 80% humidity, 70 degrees...followed a drunk or very tired driver for about 12 miles. Interstate 78 to PA 33 included a lot of tractor-trailers like this fella...
high-balling to there destination. The fog enveloped me and Ole Girl as we rumbled on '78 around Allentown/Bethlehem. We caught PA33, milled down highway was jarring us like a kicking mule. I spied a black SUV, radiator and airbags smoking from what was likely a collision with a deer; kept my eyes open as we pushed on in and out of the dense fog! PA 33 rose and twisted up into eastern Pennsylvania and back down into Stroudsburg. The fog abated even though we were running parallel to the Delaware river. US 209 was fog and deer free!

This trip would take me to Vacation Land via a different route: Taconic State Parkway (TSP) to the Mass Turnpike; from the Mass Turnpike we always hit '495, '95 to Wyatt's casa.
So how was the Mass Turnpike?

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