The ALICE Trial

I swore that I would not get invovled in any ludicrious winter projects-Wyatt and my bride will vouch for me! Two Sundays ago, I decided, for reasons unknown, that I needed to make my ALICE pack work for touring luggage. If you have some spare time, you can check out these three posts in which I was obsessing about using my ALICE pack.
August 5, 2011
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Let us get down to business...I started off with my 'medium' ALICE pack. The pack measures 19"x 20" x 11" and has a capcity of 2,350 cubic inches. The medium pack does not require the frame. I simply placed the pack over my sissy bar...
and secured the bottom of the pack to the sissy bar...
A very secure and simple!
Drawing on the succes with the medium pack I felt as though I had discovered a feasable method to attach my ruck/large ALICE pack to the sissy bar. The  large ALICE pack/ruck measures 22"x20"x19" with a capcity of 3,800 cubic inches. My ruck requires the use of a pack frame. In the past, the pack frame has been one of two obstacles that I have encountered in my attempts to utilize the ruck. The first obstacle was my insistance that my pack be horizontal instead of vertical; I have come to terms with this issue and I am willing to mount luggage vertically. Finding a solid method to secure the ruck was the second obstacle. The pack frame is mounted onto the sissy bar using the built-in pocket that the pack frame uses. The ruck is very secure with little to no free-play. Here is the ruck mounted:

Here can see how the pack fits int between the sissy bar (black object)

The idea of using an ALICE pack is very appealing because:
  • Load capacity: plenty of room with out having too much room for junk.
  • Intermediate size: Camelback pack was a little to small for a trip longer than three days. Tour Pak was too big.
  • Easy on, easy off.
  • Straps: Pack can be carried in a normal fashion with out having to be a contorsionist.
  • Built-in external pockets.
  • Rugged construction
So, the trial is simple: The ruck will remain mounted from now until late-spring. My family is praying that I experience a break-through so that my luggage obession ends!

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