Old Iron Run: Having Fun Even If It Hurts!

I needed that power-nap. Fuzzy head or not this trip was going forward irregardless! It was early in the afternoon, over-cast and damp. After the sleep inertia cleared, I poked around the secluded campground while waiting for JT to roll in and soon enough, I heard his 1200 downshifting through the thick woods! JT and I caught up whilst the bad weather rolled in! A gray torrent of liquid sunshine opened up like a fire hose on a group of protesters! The deluge did not last long but we both knew that our tents were in fact rain proof! Spending time with a friend is priceless and we both wondered out loud what it be like if Wyatt were along as well as joking about giving him a hard time about 'ditching' us; of course Wyatt did not ditch us, however, if ya'll have a good friend I am certain that you like to give them a hard time whether or not they are present! Our big planes for the next day were simply to visit Wheels Through Time and spend some time on the Blue Ridge Parkway.
Sleep was not to be for me. I spent the night hacking and gagging; my sinuses were giving me a righteous work-over and I thought that my head was going to implode. Thankfully the sun was up when I shimmed out of my sardine can that is my tent. After dry-heaving and puking a bit, thank you sinus headache, JT and I lit out for the territories! The first stop was an unplanned breakfast stop at Cyndi Ray's gas station-cafe-bait shop. We waked into the cafe to the sounds of the Spice Girls-wasn't expecting that! I did my best to lip-sync but was told to try again! Good vittles and ambiance! From Cyndi's we rolled on down to the mecca of motorcycle museums- Wheels Through Time! Some high-lights:
My desire was to stay longer, however, Ol Girl wanted to lay down some miles on the Blue Ridge Parkway. JT led the charge!
The afternoon weather was all but perfect! Man! How I could have ridden longer!

We decided not to ride the entire length but we found this restaurant off the parkway
Muy bien!
El Pobre, 1605 S. Main St. Waynesville, NC. It was time to hit the Wal-Mart so I could procure an adequate rain suit and a pillow. Our mission was successful but our next mission would be a little more challenging: finding some local ice cream parlor where I could satisfy my wicked sweet tooth. With minimal information and directions we located "Jack The Dipper" in the middle of strip mall parking lot. I was treated like a rock star only because JT was along! Jack's is inside an old bank and when I asked about this, the cashier wanted to know "why" I wanted to know...Seems as though I make new friends and fans wherever I roam! LOL
The day ended righteously! Back at camp we prepped our gear-we'd be rollin' out in the morning all the while wondering out loud about whether or not our journeys would be wet or dry...


  1. Great post and pics. Man, what an awesome trip.

  2. Thank you! You sir, contributed to it's awesomeness!