Old Iron Run: The Museum pt. 2

Disclaimer: The museum was over-whelming! Due to the unique historical artifacts/displays, I will post segments as I see fit! Back to the scheduled program!
The museum could also be thought of as a campus; yes there is the main museum building, however, there is another building that is semi-attached called, "The Garage", where special exhibits are displayed. When Wyatt and I were there, the exhibit was called, "The American Road".
The subject matter centered around how U.S. citizens love to travel the road and the various methods and modes of transportation that we have used over the years:
Michael Schmidt...
Wyatt and I stayed just about until closing time! We submersed ourselves in the history, innovations, kitchery, technology, nostalgia, that is Harley-Davidson, for approximately 6 hours, and that was not enough! Had our schedule's been different, we would have forked over the extra pesos and taken advantage of the behind the scenes tour that is offered on certain days of the week! The historical aspects of the museum are very impressive! The museum is not 'cheesey' or 'chincy'! Alas it was time for us to don our rain gear and make the two hour ride to a KOA over in Union, Illinois. We left Milwaukee in a light quasi-rainfall at the tail end of late-evening rush-hour traffic. I reckon that this was befitting, ironic perhaps, considering what we encountered twelve hours ago in Chicagoland! All of the congestion was exacerbated by the construction, none-the-less, we made all the correct lane changes and soon enough we were out of the quagmire. The rain kept dogging us out and the volume of traffic created a fog-mist like condition that made traveling on two wheels miserable! Dusk was appearing faster due to the cloud cover and rain and I was having to make turns faster and sooner as we were now off of the highway and somewhere in Illinois on county roads. Our progress was good and we seemed to be winning the race against impending darkness, however, I soon began to notice that some of that atmospheric darkness was due to some nasty thunderstorms giving the outlying land an early-evening thunderstorm. The show seemed to be taking place where Wyatt and I were heading! Thankfully we never caught up with the, 'Donner and Bliztzen' show, but we passed through the aftermath, namely power-outages!Wyatt and I rolled into the KOA very wet but thankful at the prospect of sleeping inside a dry cabin! After checking in with the KOA staff, we dumped our gear in our cabin and walked over to Donely's Wild West Town  to have dinner at the parks, "South Union Road House". I recall that it was probably a little south of 8 p.m. but there was nowhere else to eat and we were beat! We were seated in a booth next to a table full of German tourist! All I could think of was "Malcolm in the Middle". How in the world did they end up in Union, Illinois at the South Union Road House? I will never know but I found it very amusing especially when I heard some rumblings about 'weak beer'. Tomorrow Wyatt and I would be splitting up; Wyatt to New York and me to Kentucky or North Carolina? I really had no idea!

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