Old Iron Run: The Museum pt. 1

Wyatt and I left the Powertrain Plant disappointed and hungry; I was becoming slightly concerned that maybe the museum would not be as good as I have read and heard about. The other obstacle we were dealing with was navigating back to Milwaukee. According to my directions, I would have to make many small turns in the city to reach our goal. This task fell upon me-fine, but I was concerned about Wyatt's proximity to me while we ride, concerned that we will get separated in a big strange city. I shoved all this doubt down and focused on the task at hand: Pay attention to the directions and roads! The route back into the city was pretty straight-forward, slightly convoluted but once we were back on the highway there were several signs for the museum! Excellent! The stress quickly peeled off with each foot of road traveled! The road dropped into the city-offering a spectacular view of Miller Stadium. About three turns later we were on Canal Street; the area has an 'industrial art' feel.
The Menomomee River surrounds the museum on three sides and the Milwaukee cityscape blends pleasantly into the background. Canal Street led us directly into the motorcycle parking area; the museum also has a restaurant that is joined by a glass and steel walkway, similar to a Jetway. Our brains went into instant vapor-lock. Hunger, intriguing architecture, and dozens of parked bikes. Wow! First things first-let's eat! The Motor Bar and Restaurant was in our sights-Trip Advisor had given the joint good reviews and we thought that it would only be appropriate to fill-up there before continuing on! The food was really that good and received our official stamp of approval! Once my blood-sugar level was back at normal operating levels, Wyatt and I went over to the museum and bought our tickets. The museum is layered with each level crammed full of gems; hopefully the proceeding pictures will help explain...

As I walked around, I noticed that while the majority of the patrons were motorcyclist, there were a substantial number of visitors who were visiting from abroad with their family. Motorcycles appealed to many people even if they never have ridden one; Harley-Davidson motorcycles also transcend language and social barriers...The amount of bikes and artifacts was incredible! I felt as though I was in the belly of some leviathan that contained an innumerable amount of items collected over the ages...
How much more could there possibly be?

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