Old Iron Run: Chasing Elvis in Wisconsin

Finding the Powertrain Plant was akin to trying to locate Elvis at Wal-Mart; you thought you saw him in automotive but then you swear he was over at the DVD's. Well, I had the directions so it was incumbent upon me to locate the plant, except there was a big glaring problem: The directions were no adding up. So, we were disorientated-not lost! My 'smart' phone was helpful and after a couple misguided turns we located the sign for the plant literally hidden by some small trees! The plant itself sat in a concave piece of land and thus we rode past it the first time due to these sneaky terrain features! By the time we located the plant it was going on lunch time! While we rode to the visitor's I kept telling myself that it will be open for Wyatt and us, after all we both have over a 100,000 miles on our Harley freedom machines and Wyatt rode all-the-way from Maine! Sounds like I wasn't being realistic with myself! The visitor's entrance was just about concealed as the plant entrance. There was a special motorcycle parking area and a handful of riders milling around along with several parked bikes. Wyatt and I tied up our steeds and started to walk over to the steel and glass entrance door. About half-way to the door a patch-holder asks us if we were here for the tour: Me: "Yes." 
Patch-holder: "They don't have anymore tickets for the tour."
Me: "Yes! Just the way I planned it!"
Patch-holder: Strange look on his face...
Wyatt recognized my sick, tired-hungry-maniacal laugh, because he was right along side of me through the insane Chicagoland traffic and post-war Wisconsin road construction, the maddeningly frustrating directions-a true brother for sure! My level of disappointment was pretty high but I reminded myself that the purpose of the trip was a half-hour south of us on Canal Street in Milwaukee! Wyatt learned that the plant had underwent some physical changes and that they did not include a dedicated visitor's center such as the excellent one at the York Plant. The most comical sight at the Powertrain Plant was the vending machine set-up next to the security desk that dispenses souvenir patches, pins and t-shirts; I wanted to take a picture but I was busy at a small pity-party! So, Wyatt and I went back out to our machines and continued to chuckle at our fortune. A motorcycle that appeared-to-be from Queensland, Australia was parked not to far from Ole Girl-very interesting!

Doubt and hunger were starting to take a grip upon me as I saddled-up.
  1. Would I be able to navigate from the Powertrain Plant to the museum?
  2. Would the museum be as good as everyone claims?

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