Old Iron Run: "Enter The Dragon"

They say that timing is everything, which I was reminded of that after recently reading a book about Stonewall Jackson, in our case, however, I grossly miscalculated Chicago morning work traffic; Wyatt and I would pay! Leaving Granger, Indiana was uneventful-we left after consuming a few packs of Quaker's finest. Besides the impending frivolity of morning traffic, I was carefully watching Ole Girl's odometer...
  ...very appropriate that this should take place in the midst of a road trip! The occasion was documented along Interstate 80. We tucked our chins in and roared into the mouth of the dragon. We were not disappointed with the stop and go traffic or with the kamikaze lane changes made in front of us by cage drivers! I was brave enough to chance taking a few pictures of the impressive skyline...

Our timetable quickly came to a screeching halt, literally and figuratively. Sitting in traffic was sucking up our planned arrival time at the Harley-Davidson Powertrain plant in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin. Eventually we succeeded in our 'war of attrition' and cleared Chicagoland and entered Wisconsin in a blurr on the bumpy and busted up 'slab that is Interstate  94. The construction was relentless as we powered on north bound; each passing mile was a hit against us time wise. Harley's website strongly encourages visitors to the plant to be there first thing! Wyatt and I skillfully navigated the obstacles surrounding Milwaukee whilst dodging technology consumed-read distracted-cage operators. The nagging question in my mind as we moved forward was this: would we make in time and if we did, would the tour be a dud or a gem?

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