Special Report From Wyatt

Wyatt and his bride embarked on an Atlantic Seaboard road trip. Their mission wasn't exactly the "Vanishing Point", however, they had to drop-off a sedan in Virginia and transport a truck from Florida to Maine; here is Wyatt's report:

 few weeks back the Mrs. and I went on a 10 day 13 state Cars, Planes, Trucks trip that encompassed over 2000 miles. The purpose was to watch my" niece graduate from college in the State of Virginia and deliver my old car that she was buying from me. We then flew to the Sunshine State of Florida to pick up a truck that I was buying of a buddy. We headed home to the Pine Tree State with stops along the way in the Tar Heel State and the Keystone State to visit friends and family. The trip was smooth sailing all the way to the Constitution State just outside of the town of Waterbury when we came upon a large traffic tie up due to an accident several exits ahead. I'm not one for sitting still in traffic when there is another way around so the Mrs. got on her trusty I-Phone and found us a way to avoid the mess. We got off the super slab, I-84 and headed North on Route 8 then East on Route 6. I'm not one to miss a meal and I was getting hungry so we decided for time sake we would hit one of the fast food drive-thru places and keep on going. As we traversed the scenic Route 6 we came upon the sign for Buster's Drive-In. I looked to my left and saw the people standing at the order window and the sign that stated "Hot Dogs, Hamburgers and Ice Cream Shakes". We drove past and the Mrs. said "Are you going to turn around?". I said "Yup" and we went back. We feasted on a couple of foot long hotdogs, curly fries and a maple walnut milkshake. It was much better than any fast food chain food and the scenery was much better than the super slab. The moral of this long winded story is: Get off the big highway once in awhile and see what's on the back roads, you never know what you will find. Be Good, Ride Hard, Ride Often-Quiet Wyatt"

Thank you Wyatt for reminding us not to be lazy! Step out and expand your mind!

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