Old Iron Run: Work Up

Wyatt and I are rolling out to Ole Millwater to visit the Harley Davidson Museum. Ole Girl will hit the 100,000 mile mark somewhere between Granger, Indiana and the museum. Along for the trip will be two new pieces of gear: the first item is the Battery Tender USB charger for the phone...
The second item is this very versatile ratchet that Wyatt gave me-it works great in tight spaces and or with weird angles like a FJ spark plug...
After the museum Wyatt is going to leave me behind and high-ball back to Vacationland. I on the other hand will enjoy a nice jaunt south and east to Maggie Valley to meet up with an international-man-of-mystery. I am planning on spending some quality time on US 52 through Indiana, continuing on into Kentucky where I will take in the Bluegrass state on US 25. US 25E will take me into the Tarheel state.
I am quite curious as to how Indiana will look as I travel north to south, normally I am rolling through west to east or vice versa. Kentucky is another that I have not explored on two wheels; should be interesting!

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  1. Next month I will also be riding from Wisconsin to Maggie Valley. My plan for Indiana was to avoid it completely. Be sure to let us know if you find an interesting route through that state. Have a great trip!