Back-Burner Trip: Pennsylvania to Chiapas, Mexico

Besides my 48 State trip, I would also like to add this trip to my 'Back-Burner' trip list:
Pennsylvania to Chiapas, Mexico. At around 2,880 miles, that would be comparable to riding out to California...

I believe that this trip would be a most epic trip! Chiapas is very intriguing and not the typical Mexico vacation destination!. It ain't your Acapulco, Cancun, or Tijuana-Chiapas is ancient Mayan country that has some ancient Mayan pyramids, jungle, lakes and other items that Indiana Jones would approve of! Don't worry, we won't be visiting Culiacan, Matamoros or any other 'cartel' locale!
Earlier this month, the family and I spent a weekend in DC visiting the embassies that were participating in the "Around the World Embassy Tour Weekend", we started at the Mexican Embassy.

 There I collected some valuable tourist information, specifically a Chiapas brochure. Baby-doll won a snazzy travel mug while playing bingo... 
 SO, I have been green-lighted for this adventure, however, I was told that this could not be a solo venture...


  1. As always, schedule permitting, I am in.

  2. You my hermano, have a standing reservation on any trip! Standby for mas!