Sweltering Ink

Summer warmth
Sweltering humidity
Short-sleeve comfort
Surface area of bare forearms numb from  invisible velocity
Scorched.Lean pipes burn right calf with  invisible thermal dynamics 
Straddling high heat two-wheeled 88 cubic inch  combustion machine
Sitting on top of 3.5 quarts of molten oil
Screaming heat-wind baking my head
Smooshy pliable tar pulling at the machines  two wheels
Sweating left foot sizzles on top of insane  chain covered primary
Snacks have turned into a indiscernible glob
Soothing water boiled to tepid temperature
I will have this sweltering heat
free of bone braking coldness
black numbness
shinny road danger
blistered white face
stiff painful digits
heavy thick feet
thick engine oil
Give me warm joints
sleeveless jaunts
sweet summer corn
scenic dawn's
spectacular dusk's
sleeping under shimmering stars
The heat will arrive when the proper rotation takes place
I will ride in comfort and ease!

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