Yukon and OKC

This trip was almost two years in the making; initially, I was going to ride out to Lubbock, Texas and see where Waylon Jennings was from and from there I was going to roll over to Turkey, Texas, the home of the King of Texas Swing, Bob Wills and I even entertained the idea of riding all the way down to Hugo, Oklahoma-just because it is there. Finally, I had that, 'no-kidding-huh', moment when I realized that the best cowboy museum in the world is a lot closer than all of the above. That Epiphany brought me and my hermano's to OKC: The National Cowboy Museum. After spending a few days of riding, I was ready to enter the mecca of all that is cowboy. Thankfully, the route into OKC was on Route 66; for the most part the old route was desolate until we rolled through El Reno
  where we had a different view of the tornado damage. The next big town after El Reno was Yukon; by the time we rolled into Yukon, my belly was nagging me; I hollered out to everybody wanting to know if anybody else needed to do some eating; "yes" was the consensus. So, now where do we eat? None of us had ever visited the metropolis of Yukon, therefor none of us knew where we should stop for brunch. That all changed at a traffic light when I laid eyes on this fine establishment...
...with a name like "Fat Elvis", I was feeling confident and hopeful. And we were not disappointed...
Since it was brunch, me and some of my compadres elected to have a killer milkshake with our breakfast; my breakfast shake was nirvana for my taste buds. Wes and JT documented this stop as well. 
Sugared and caffeinated, the five of us continued east leaving Route 66 somewhere around the 'burb of Bethany. After a series of lane changes we rolled into the parking lot of the National Cowboy museum; I promptly went into vapor lock but managed to safely tie-up Ole Girl. We spent the entire day inside the confines of the behemoth that is, the best western museum around! I took a ton of pictures and if you would like to see them  chase the white rabbit to here.

My mind was blown out of the water 'til we left! Suffice to say, it was a great place to visit and for that matter, even if you are not a wanna-be-cowboy, I am sure that you would enjoy the artifacts and artwork! From the museum we crossed town, over and through rush-hour traffic to dine at the Cattlemen's Steakhouse. We arrived early, which was good, and beat out the line! And there was one 'til we left! A young wrangler got to sit on Wes's freedom machine-the young fella was jazzed! Should have snapped a flick! Wyatt went for the big money and feasted on the George Bush steak; our neighbor's were disgruntled about something and thus provided us with some entertainment! The ride back to our cabin was sweet...
This was the best part of Route 66: bare-bones no commercial, over-blown tourism, just simple concrete smoothness with the occasional crater; molten sunset in front and the blazing headlamps of my hermanos machines behind...


  1. I am really enjoying reliving the trip again through these posts. Looking at it now, if I were on the outside looking in, it truly looks every bit as awesome as it was.

  2. I am to! It was hard waiting this long to post but I knew that it would help winter pass. I enjoy chuckling over memories when I'm trying to figure out what picture to use or the words to use for a picture!