Joplin KOA-Baxter Springs, KS

Sunshine, warmth and blue skies greeted us in the morning at the Joplin KOA. I wasn't super concerned about making to much noise in the morning since our next door neighbor threw a stroke the night before because I was trying to light green fire wood...
 I thought this was the place we wanted to eat at, however, the waitress explained that there was another "Granny Shaffer's" in town. None-the-less our bellies were satisfied and we mounted our steads and lit the wick for a scenic ride to El Reno via the super-marketed Route 66...

My compadres won the hearts and minds of the fine citizens of Baxter Springs, they in turn warned us about over-zealous Oklahoma tribal police and a pending thunderstorm; with our shock 'n' awe photo-bomb mission completed we donned our rain gear and headed south into Oklahoma. 

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