Old Roads

My crappy week spilled over into my Saturday morning. With a ton of tasks that should have been completed in the morning, I just could not find the energy or motivation to take care of what I needed to do. My wonderful wife, being the insightful woman that she is, suggested that I go for a ride; I barely had the energy to throw a leg o' Ole Girl but the warm weather did put a little pep in my step. I set out with a very vague idea of traveling over to a Harley dealer to pick-up a 2014 Parts and Accessories catalog but I turned right instead of left. I turned right and onto a stretch of road that was like riding through a kaleidoscope of fire; the leaves were so yellow and red as though they were a part of a nuclear fire. My mind became aware of the fall beauty that I was now apart of. The weight of the week diminished to barely noticeable as I continued on my jaunt through countryside that I have not seen in months; each turn took me further away from my pity-party until I was riding through corridors of fall beauty.
The beauty absorbed me into it has I rode; pleasant asphalt trails guiding me through old haunts. And for a few miles another bike rider followed me on the trail; did he know these roads like I or was he just following me through the nuclear foliage? We departed ways with a friendly wave and nod.
Those old roads seemed new again. The warm fall afternoon was departing and my fingers were quick to remind me of this; I ignored their pleas for awhile until they begun their protest in earnest. With warmer gloves replacing my summer gloves I rode on down a few more old roads to home. Refreshed, I dismounted and greeted my wife with a warm hug. A smile returned to my face and to my soul. 


  1. hey chris, very cool photos!

  2. Dustin,
    Thank you! I was not sure how they would turn out, by the way, your pictures in your last post have nice variation!

  3. Cool pictureS