Floatsom and Jetsom of the Road: New Spring

Whilst in Vacationland (Maine) a few weeks ago Wyatt and I were PMing (Marine parlance for preventative maintenance) the Mystery Machine and his wife's steed, we found a piece of metal attached to the magnetic drain plug of the transmission of his bride's steed. We suspected it was from the spring,#4 in figure 7-39 on the shifter lever...

Wyatt and a good compadre got down to business at the beginning of this past week to figure out what exactly was broke and or missing. They confirmed that it most certainly was the spring; thankfully the spring was still attached...

They wrapped a rag around the old piece to prevent a fall into the abyss... 

New spring installed and ready to go!
Wyatt reported that all is well with the transmission and he is going to make his wife use the Mystery Machine so he can use her sweet Softail!


  1. Mystery solved, good deal.
    PS, Quiet Wyatt needs his own blog.