Floatsom and Jetsom of the Road

My nickname should have been one of the following: 
"Pig Pen"
"Dirt Magnet"
I have the knack for collecting dirt, dead critters, bearing grease, tools, etc. This morning I took the time to capture this image of a grasshopper that I picked up somewhere along the 3774 mile trip that I was a member of...
The final resting place for this insect was inside the space between my seat and the rear fender strut. What other items will I find secreted with in my motorcycle?
And here is an item that Wyatt found attached to the magnetic tip of the transmission drain plug of his wife's Fatboy...
...spring from the shifter shaft assembly?
We believe that it is #4 in figure 7-39.

#38 in the schematic.

Our theory is that the previous owner replaced the spring and failed to locate and remove the broken piece; Wyatt told me that his better half reported no problems shifting before or after the discovery the mystery metal... 

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  1. Those were definitely know to fail!! I hope it didn't hurt anything else while floating around in there!!