Some folks may equate a clean bike with not rodden much; other folk may believe that a dirty bike is hardcore and high mileage. And I think that both camps have an iota of truth. The fact is that I use to fall into the latter camp due to laziness and smugness! Shame on me! My brother's bike, "Mystery Machine", has high mileage and is clean-he IS one serious rider! Okay, where am I going with this post? Get to the point! Alright here we go: I read an article a few months ago about planning and executing a long distance road trip; the author of the article provided, located here Lost Adventure, provided 50 points when planning; one of the comments to his post was that during the trip wash your bike! "What? Is this dude a RUB or what?" That is what I thought until I powered down my ego and read on. His rationale was simple: If your bike is filthy, covered in dirt, grim, etc, all that junk could be concealing a missing fastener, leak, missing part, etc. I had to admit that his point was a good point! Am I going to wash Ole Girl in the midst of a 10 day trip? Maybe, maybe not! But if she is super filthy with dirt and road grim, I might consider spraying her down just to see if something is not right; Am I going to haul a can of Mothers, tire cleaner, wax, Dawn, etc....No! But I think the author made a good point; maybe the normal 'once-over' is not quite enough. By the way, I finally washed Ole Girl but I think she needs another go; Oklahoma red-dirt and dead grasshoppers are pretty tough!
 She has her quirks and does not like neck-steering bearing grease!

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