Sharspburg, Maryland pt. 1

There are quite a few historic areas within two hours of the casa, however, I am guilty of only visiting a few of them, seemingly to add nauseum. I would rank Gettysburg as the number one offender to wit, Ole Girl could probably ride there by herself! I finally broke out of the rut and set my sights on Sharpsburg, Maryland. Most folks know Sharpsburg as Antietam National Battlefield. The road to Sharpsburg was a lot easier for me than it was for Generals McClellan and Lee. Ole Girl and I rumbled out of the garage early Saturday morning and into a mild, clear, bright sky. We quickly made our way to the Turnpike and blasted out onto the westbound lane, replete with a fresh layer of bituminous. 
Not long after we reached our cruising speed and attitude, I began to notice the traffic consisted mostly of over-loaded SUV's, minivans, small trucks, sedans some of which were towing those mini-trailers U-haul; I began to notice that the driver was usually a man, in his late 30's or early 40's with a passenger that might have been 18 or 19 years old. Their vehicles were adorned with, "Penn State", "Shippensburg", with some variations starting with, "Proud (fill in college name) father/mother/parent...my future was passing me...the other traffic were Corvettes headed to the big Corvette show in Carlisle...
Ole Girl and I reached our normal Gettysburg Pike Exit and continued onto US 15 south. I was in a spiritual state of mind and was enjoying being the presence of my Creator. Ole Girl and I could see a steady stream of Corvettes flowing north past the Mason/Dixon Line in the northbound lane of US 15. US 15 is called the Catoctin Highway due to the Catoctin Mountains. We would be getting off of '15 and turning west into the Catoctin Mountains via MD 77; having roden past MD 77 many, many times I was excited to see what '77 would be like.
I was in for a tasty, twisty treat!
...and because I was using two hands to rein in Ole Girl around those 15 mph turns I did not snap too many flicks! I rode '77 until I reached the next leg of the route. I am going to close part 1-here is a flick of my final destination...

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  1. I would like to make note that "roden" may be "correct" or acceptable in the world of bull riders, but dubious at best in motorcycle parlance. I also believe the name of the road and mountains is Catoctin. We have discussions in my home as to the correct pronunciation. ;}
    Happy Birthday, by the way, Big Daddy!