Oklahoma Is OK 2013: Introduction

You: "Where have you been?"
Me: "Oklahoma!"
You: "What? I thought you were just there?"
Me: "I was!"
The family and I just returned from our family 3,000 mile plus road-trip; ironically, the trip was to Oklahoma! Our mode of transport was our trusty F.A.V., a.k.a "Family Adventure Vehicle", officially, a 2008 Toyota FJ Cruiser. Ya'll maybe asking the computer screen, "What does this have to do with a motorcycle trip?" Good question! And for that answer I have this link to warm you up with:
March 2012
At any given time I have a few road-trips on the back burner in my mind, trips that I have calculated, planned and imagined. These trips all start with an iota of inspiration mixed with intrigue and copious amounts of wander-lust. 
The plans for "Oklahoma Is OK" (OIO) began even before my first post about it, sometime in the early winter of 2011. The idea was simple: a low mileage, 10 day or less road-trip to Oklahoma. Initially I was planning on riding to the southeast corner of Oklahoma; I was looking at the town of Hugo. As with all plans, they begin to contort and twist into a completely different deal. All of the simmering ideas gave way to a trip that would focus on the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum in Oklahoma City, OK.

As the planning progressed and I started to develop a base route, I discovered that the route to OK could easily include Route 66; a coup for sure! An opportunity to travel the 'Mother Road' en route to Oklahoma City!
I understand the some places are over-done, however, that does not exclude them from being fun! By the end of winter in 2012 I had laid the groundwork for OIO 2013 and eventually I would start to simultaneously plan the family road-trip to Oklahoma; truly afflicted by the need to travel I am!

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  1. Glad you guys made it home safe pal!! I need a mailing address for both you and Wyatt. I've got a zip drive with all my pics for you guys.