OIO: Day 1 Pennsylvania to Indiana, pt. 1

My brother Wyatt seems to always find a way into my crazy road trips! 100% rider to the core, Wyatt has logged well over 97k miles on the "Mystery Machine", which would be his '04 Electraglide Standard; even right now as I type this, he and his wife are returning from their mega-roadtrip to Nova Scotia, and by the way his bride holds her own on her '02 Fatboy! (Forgive me for getting sidetracked!)Wyatt had to ride 500 miles just to reach my ranch before leaving on the OIO trip-so, his trip actually started a day earlier!

My wife and daughter prepared us an excellent last meal and we caught up on family news and enjoyed Wyatt's company! Our day would be starting at around 5 a.m. so we all went to bed. My main concern in the morning is coffee-wickedly strong coffee and on this day the weather...
...the lower right-hand of the Weather Channels screen displayed a swath of emerald/forest green mixed in with a swirl of dirty-white all of which was covering the area to which Wyatt and I would be traveling towards. Once we were done getting ready my wife and daughter met us in the garage and bid us a groggy, tear filled adieu.
Wyatt and I blasted off into the humid ink dark morning and quickly navigated out of town, onto '283 and finally out onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike. A coral pink dawn was rising upon our backs as we continued on westward. 
Each passing white stripe increased my excitement for the trip and striped a little bit of sadness off for my wife and daughter. Riding through the mountain tunnels stripped off more thoughts of home and soon I caught the spirit of the trip in my shadow...

I poured on the steam to get up, around and over the Pennsylvania ridge-lines; leaving sleep deprived truckers in the wake of our rolling thunder, blurry eyed fathers driving their sleeping families; the roar of Ole Girl's 88 matched the intensity of my eyes and the wander lust in my soul...

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