Flotsam and Jetsom

Last week, the missus and I managed to met up for lunch in the next big town over. Ole Girl and roared over to Appalachian Brewing Company and got a table for lunch. They have bike parking! Very nice! So, after a stout-less lunch I made my way home, however, Ole Girl sounded a little off...and she felt a little off. I was somewhat bewildered but kept rolling, stopping to buy her a tank of gas. The first thing I did before pumping gas was to look at the pipes just in case something was loose.
Well, something had been loose and now was MIA! The baffle from the top pipe decided to leave me! The bottom fella was still there! We rambled on home complete with a Jake Brake! After picking up the Little Lady from school, we set out to try and find the baffle; we drove the route that I had ridden but to no avail! So, I ordered a new baffle since I do not enjoy the loss of power and the Jake Brake. The baffle showed up Monday and today it went back in while giving Ole Girl a fresh coat of bbq paint!
Entertainment center...
...note CD on top...
So, somewhere in Lancaster County, there is a baffle that has joined the flotsam and jetsom of the asphalt sea or it is in some farmers freshly plowed field-remember to check those fasteners!


  1. My wife heard my audible "oh no" and laughter. She asked what I was looking at and I told her about the post. She said "That's baffling" and turned and walked away.

    She's a keeper.

  2. LOL! I wanted to throw some line in like that but I thought better of it-Ya'll are a riot! I am always looking for that baffle whenever I'm out.