Last Friday I rounded up the family for a campout; nothing fancy, just a good ole backyard dealeo! The campout was an opportunity to try out the new tent, stove and sleeping pads for the ladies! Oh, and it was a chance for 'Big Daddy' to wow the ladies with his camp cooking abilities!
I fried up the bacon first and moved onto the eggs:
The photographer was impressed with my effort...
The photographer traded her camera for cheese; ya never can have too much cheese!
The end results...
The missus offered some advice on the bacon; I think I have that dialed in and will do a much better job the next time we're camping! I figured that we needed something a little sweet...
An Eastern Tree Monkey...
...and the troop leader...
Make sure ya'll spend time with your family!


  1. AnonymousMay 25, 2013

    I had fun camping with you in the 6 man tent!
    The eggs with cheese were really YUM!
    Marshmallows and the smores were REALLY YUMMY!
    Total= It was epic, Awesome, Exciting
    thank you for the camping trip dad!

  2. Man...the only thing better than this post is that comment.
    Looks like you guys had a good time. I figure back yarding it will be a good precursor for the real thing for us too. I think Sailor is a bit young at 2 but I'm going to give it a try soon anyways.