2008 Revisited: Deadwood

The Black Hills Classic is a very good reason to visit South Dakota. The next big town over from Sturgis would be Deadwood. Carved out of the Black Hills, Deadwood is a compact town that follows the terrain. My mind was blown away yet again! The history of Deadwood is wild and violent; ground zero for gold and greed! During the Black Hills Classic, you will be hard pressed to find parking! Seemingly every piece of surface is occupied by a freedom machine; the sidewalks are crowded with riders, vacationing families and local people watchers! I struggled with the crowded conditions and still managed to eek out some space to admire the historical buildings that line Deadwood. There is talk here at the ranch about a family trip to southwest South Dakota; that would be an excellent opportunity for them and a chance to explore Deadwood and the Black Hills without legions of people! And I will challenge you all to not think of Sturgis as a R.U.B. fest but rather as an excellent opportunity to ride and explore this chunk of land-heck I would highly reccomend a roadtrip late August or early July so as to avoid the rally crowd...


  1. I like the way you think sir! We too are talking of a family trip to SoDak.

  2. I've always thought if I went to Sturgis if would not be during the rally. The north west is the last section of the US I haven't ridding in...looking forward to it.

  3. Wes-My wife and daughter are already talking about next year and we haven't even gone on our trip for this year-LOL! They are great! I wished that they could have been with me back in '08-the Black Hills are incredible!

    JT-Yeah, well worth the time! We still haven't made it to Washington or Oregon.