"You Going To Sturgis?" Conclusion

Well if you have made that trip to the Black Hills Classic you have encountered some crowded gas stations, truck stops and any other freedom juice dispenser! You most certainly will have seen ALL sizes, shapes, temperament, fake and original machine and rider! What a show!
Indiana, Interstate 70
Mt. Pleasant, Iowa
Chamberlin, South Dakota?
Sundance, Wyoming
Johnson Siding, South Dakota
Despite the mini-traffic jams, you will have opportunities to meet some interesting riders, and to check out their freedom machines; they will be from ALL over the United States and other countries! So, instead of feeling all bummed out about having to wait, I try and appreciate the moment when bikes are the kings of the road for a week or so, of course if I have not had my first morning cup of coffee, I may be a little bent! LOL
Here are some flicks of the empty gas stations that I have encountered heading east away from the Black Hills:
Ottawa, Iowa
Valentine, Nebraska
Wray, Colorado
Laramie, Wyoming


  1. Gas stops are few and far between out that way. I was on fumes and stopped my Road King at a station just like your Valentine, Nebraska pic.
    No attendant no nothing. They were the old analog pumps with no apparent place to swipe a card. I couldn't go on so I waited. Finally a farmer showed up and showed me the little box with a remote card reader connectec by cable to the pump.
    Watched my gas gauge closer after that.

  2. No doubt! I learned my lesson and now carry a 1 gallon Rotopax gas can when I'm traveling way out there!