2008 Revisited: Part 1 Wounded Knee

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had found the pictures from my 2008 Sturgis trip; I also mentioned that at one point, a few years ago, I posted many of the pictures only to have them disappear into the nether world of deleted files. So, in no particular order, I will be re-posting the best parts. Sturgis 2008 was an epic trip and would be the trip that opened my eyes and mind to the west/high plains of the United States; this would also be the trip that would ignite my love for the landscape and history of this section of North America. I must issue credit to an old friend, Randy, for planning and executing this trip; no small feat since there were eight riders leaving Pennsylvania split into three groups that would be meeting in Illinois, joining several other riders and then riding together to South Dakota! I learned a lot from this trip!

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