"You going to Sturgis?" pt.1 2013

Breezewood, PA
Scottsbluff, NE
Inside the Yellowstone N.P. (Abbey's turning in his grave.)
Bear trap, Thermopolis, WY
Gas stations-you know that at some point in ones trip you will without a doubt stop at one. Whether or not you are actually fueling up or just stretching your legs, you will! And it has been my experience that if you are on a freedom machine, folks will ask you where you are heading, they will without any prompting,  tell you about how they use to have such and such kind of bike. And if you are on your freedom machine in the the midst of a late July trip and happen to be taking that gas break at a HyVee, Kum N Go, Sinclair, TA, Casey's, CONEX, etc and are west of the Ohio River, without fail they will ask you, "Are you going to Sturgis?" I have started asking those folks what Sturgis is; I love the reactions-mostly shock! Cheap thrills! So, since I have been thinking about gas stations lately, I'm doing a series of post on the gas stations that I have stopped at, starting with 2013. Enjoy or ignore but ask yourself why it seems that the majority of the registers at the gas stations seem to be on the right-hand side when you walk in....


  1. "What's Sturgis?" or "No, I'm just trying to clear my mind... my wife got run over by a school bus last week AND I got fired from my job driving a school bus. It's been a really shitty week."