OK is OK But Hot!

The thermometer  outside reads 10 degrees...Ole Girl is patiently waiting on me to start the next phase of Operation Overhaul. And we are totally receiving a proper Northeast Winter! BRRRRR! All that has not stopped me from thinking about those warm months to come! My 2012 Oklahoma visitors guide is well worn with Sharpie notes, dog-eared pages; the map is also well marked with yellow hi-lighter. I made a call to the Oklahoma visitor center and learned that the Sooner state has been on the receiving end of some very serious triple digit summers in conjunction with a drought. That is a serious issue when it comes to the issue of keeping medicine cool. On the road it is no problem but it is an issue when camp is in one spot for several days. The solution seems to be a KOA cabin. Rustic, inexpensive and A.C.!
El Reno, Oklahoma has a KOA that is only a half hour away from OKC-looks like a winner to me!
Ya'll ready or what?