Beartooth Run 2012: Powell, WY to Driggs, ID pt.1

Today would be a very long day! Ron and I would be continuing our epic roadtrip by riding to Driggs, Idaho via Yellowstone National Park. Ron really wanted to take in the panoramic views of Yellowstone so we decided that we would take the longer route through the park to accomplish that! Before striking out in the cool Wyoming morning we enjoyed a hot sausage gravy and biscuits breakfast at our motel; we also enjoyed a nice farewell conversation with the motel clerk; then it was off into the crisp, cool wind of the new day!
The sixty mile ride to the east entrance of the park was pretty cold! Ron and I rode through the Shoshone National Forest before stopping at a lodge to warm up; I took the opportunity to add another layer before we continued on into the park!
The ride from our pit-stop to the east entrance was not long at all. The sun was rising higher in the east and warming us up a little bit more. The downside to visiting the park in the middle of summer is traffic! Initially it was light, however, the traffic increased with ever mile we rode....
There is A LOT to see in the park! Trying to take in the panoramic views and maintain a non-rushed pace is very hard to accomplish! Ron and I did our best to pick the best sights; thankfully there are gas stations in the park! Ron suggested that we stop at the grand canyon of the park...excellent call!
Before leaving the majestic falls and canyon boulders, I suggested to Ron that he take the lead for awhile so that he could pick and choose where we stop...

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