Beartooth Run 2012: Long Day pt 2

I slowed down enough to make eye contact with the man standing next to his bike and to give him the thumbs up/down signal; he signaled thumbs down. Ron and I carefully stopped, dismounted and walked up to the man standing next to a nice shinny black Roadking. The man standing next to his bike turned out to be Dave. Dave explained that his bike cut out and would not turn-over, etc. Dave told us he was riding out of Worland, which, was a good ways off! Now, the icing on the cake was that there was very sketchy cell phone reception; I found a spot where I could get one or two bars marked that spot and gave Dave my phone. He was unable to connect with Casper Harley-Davidson so it boiled down to Ron and I trying to figure out what the problem maybe. We checked the battery connection and the battery in Dave's key fob dealeo; no dice! By this time another fella stopped to see if he could help and while we were trying to figure out what we could do a big ole Ford F350 super heavy duty truck pulls over; this is the person I was praying for! Another bike rider with a truck and some tie-downs! Thank you Heavenly Father! But the only fly in the ointment was how to get Dave's bike into the back of this high-clearance truck, well God had that figured out to! We realized that we were on the high ground and there was a 45 degree slope to the bottom of the desolate rangeland. The truck driver simply drove down to the bottom, backed up and bingo, instant God made ramp! Now all we had to do was safely guide Dave, on his bike, down the slope and into the back. Dave mounted up put his bike in neutral and each one of us grabbed onto the bike and escorted him down and into the truck! Wow! Everybody there was supposed to be there and we had the right number of hands to get the job done!

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