Empire State/End of Summer Run 2012 pt.3

I slept like a king! Waking up to the last day of summer I found the morning a little gray; there were enough hot coals left from our dinner fire to start our breakfast fire. While I got breakfast squared away, Wyatt worked-up a ride route for the day. He picked a scenic route that started on the Taconic State parkway (TSP) that took us over to a scenic state road the followed the Hudson River north to Albany. From Albany we would link up with NY5 and follow it along the Mohawk River; we would then depart the Mohawk River once we hit Amsterdam. The day was a little gray but I was excited about exploring New York. Most of the towns, villages and cities up that way were settled by the Dutch hence names like Amsterdam, Kinderhook, etc. Wyatt and I left camp and about a mile or two later we were rolling north on the TSP; what a nice road! Kinda like a 55 mph version of Skyline Drive/Blue Ridge Parkway! We did not stay on to long but I was ready for more of the TSP!
Wyatt and I made it through Albany unscathed but we noticed the wind was really kicking up! We wandered north through Amsterdam up to a Harley dealer where we discovered some big shin-dig was taking place. I found a couple of handsome Shovelhead's out in the parking lot
After the dealer we started a lazy route south back to camp. Along the way we were able to follow the Hudson for quit some time. The sun finally broke out of the gray but the wind pushed with us and against us on the way back.

Just about the time we were ready to exit the TSP we found evidence of rain on the blacktop...during dinner we were feeling threatened by the driving windy and unsettled changes in the clouds...


  1. Dude, you were in Albany!? I wish I knew, I would have met up with you for a coffee. I live 40 minutes North of Albany. That bridge - that's Waterford into North Troy/Lansingburgh right? I used to live near there.

  2. Boosta-What a bummer! We weren't sure what we were going to be doing, but now that I know you are up that way I'll say something! Yep! That bridge is Waterford! We rode across on it over to Troy!

  3. That's amazing. I used to rent a garage only a mile from that bridge. Very cool to see it on your blog.