Empire State/End of Summer Run 2012 pt.1

The alarm went off some time around 3:30 a.m. First things first, coffee! Thankful that I was able to get my switch-housing group back together-will I make it to New York and back? Loaded up like the Clampet's, light the wick and head out! A little chilly! Yard coat, field-jacket liner, sweatshirt and warm gloves keeping me warm. Windy dark road up to Interstate 78. Merge onto the super-slab-praying that no deer come bounding out! Fog! Heavy fog! Dang it! Glad the trailers are adorned with USDOT blessed, candy-cane looking reflector tape! Allentown, the fog has receded-morning traffic increases, faceshield still covered in fog moisture. Cross the Delaware River into New Jersey. Okay, there is County Road 519, hang a left. Starting to get hungry! Harmonyville, nuke plant on the horizon to the west, Zeeks to the right, open for business! Swing in for breakfast-100 miles since I left-halfway to the Motorcyclepedia Museum! Recheck load, snap a few pictures, continue on the scenic ride!
Leaving County Road 519 and onto New Jersey Highway 94; keep rolling on through Lafayette, Hamburg, McAfee and Vernon. NJ94 crosses over the Appalachian Trail and into New York becoming New York Highway 94. NY94 winds through the countryside taking me to Orange County and to NY32; NY32 takes me up to the Motorcyclepedia Museum, 250 Lake Street Newburgh. There is Wyatt!
It cost me $11 to enter the museum; walking in on the ground level you are greeted by  four Arlen Ness bikes. On this level the museum is divided into two sections. I notice the "Chopper City" exhibit, the Indian Larry section and the current "Kaizen" (Japanese bikes) exhibit. Time seemed to stop as  I tried to take in the Indian Larry exhibit and the chopper section. I blasted the bikes with my Canon in hopes of trying to catch the moment. Eventually I took in what I could and was ready for a quick snack. Outside at our bikes I ate my Fignewton and tried to articulate what I was seeing but alas Wyatt and I could only shake our heads in amazement at to what we had seen, however, we were maybe a quarter of the way done!
The other half of the ground level was the Indian display-that consisted of an Indian from each production year starting in 1901. After tackling that section we made our way downstairs to the basement. Wow! Look at all of the old bikes! Wait a minute, there is more on the walls! The bikes wrap around the walls with sections in the middle of the basement...My mind was OVERLOADED!
Wyatt and I spent at least five hours there, maybe more-I'm not to sure...I highly recommend this place! Well worth the ride and the mere $11 admission. Rest assured, I have a ton of pictures to post up of the bikes!


  1. Wow, great stuff.
    $11 well spent!

  2. I can't wait to check this place out!