Empire State/End of Summer pt.2

The next part of our adventure started in the parking lot of the museum. Wyatt and I needed to make a decision about our route to the campground; the campground was about 60 miles north of us in Dutchess County. Wyatt and I studied his New York DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer and decided that we would take US9W north to Kingston where we would cross the Hudson River. Leaving Newburg was a little tricky but we managed. Now, some maps will claim that 9W is scenic, however, if you look a little closer at 'those' maps you will see that the shading indicates a built-up area. Such was the case for us! Later on we would agree that we should have crossed the Hudson down at Newburgh  and taken the Taconic Parkway or US9 north to NY199-oh, well! Traffic was heavy almost the entire way; every once and a while I would catch a glimpse of the Hudson River over to my right. Wyatt and I managed; we both knew that neither one of us had been here before and we just had to roll with it and be mellow! Eventually we made it to Kingston and crossed the Hudson River; the Hudson was impressive even in the late over-cast afternoon! I was starting to understand why the Hudson River played such an important role back when our country was being explored. Red Hook was the next town I was looking for. Traffic was backed up and not moving-rush hour? Accident? We never found out but eventually we were able to move forward and out of town! The landscape changed quickly from old town homes to a smattering of farms and wooded forest. I roughly knew that we had to travel about 12 miles; I was looking for Wilcox Park. Shortly after passing beneath the Taconic Parkway I saw a sign for the park. The entrance was at a sharp, downhill bend in the road, a tad tricky with an overloaded machine but with a little finesse I made the right-hand turn.
The road in was twisty but paved. I was expecting to check in but no one was around! I knew that we were paid up and had a copy of the receipt so I wasn't worried. The road meandered around and led us to the camping sites; I was still expecting to find other people but the place was deserted! Wyatt and I picked the sight we wanted and set up our tents. Once I was done getting my Tajmahall Kelty tent set, I started on gathering firewood. There was no shortage of wood and I gathered as much as I wanted! Soon afterwards I had the dinner fire going; I was cooking tonight: hamsteak, potato, corn and pudding! Wyatt didn't complain about the vittles so, I reckon the meal was good! After awhile the sun slipped over the hills and the moon started to appear. The night was growing chilly but the fire warmed our bones! The stars were smeared high above us but seemed so close. Wyatt and I spent the rest of the night talking about the Oklahoma trip for 2013, various adventures we had this past summer and reliving some from last year. Soon it was time to turn in, although some owl decided to make sure that everybody in the woods knew that he was there but his ruckus did not prevent me from getting an excellent night of sleep!

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