You Own A Touring Bike or "How-I-Can't-Fall-Asleep"

Since I can not sleep I am going to get on my soapbox. You see the Motor Company had brought out the "Switchback" Dyna (FLD) in 2012-it was even featured in a Cycle Source review sometime earlier this year. For some reason today, not sure when I had this epiphany, but it dawned on me that any bike can be a so called 'touring' bike and not what "They" tell you. Now, the Switchback already includes detachable hardbags, sissy-bar and windshield. "They" also did a custom Softail CVO "Convertible" as well. Now I am not one to jump on the FTF bandwagon and I will go as far as to say that the Switchback does have some nice attributes but one can have what "They" are selling without spending A LOT of pesos! Next to my keyboard is the 2012 H-D parts and accessories book, one can buy detachable windshields, detachable sissy-bars and detachable saddle bags for the Sportster, Softail and Dyna! Rest assured the J&P catalog upstairs in my bedroom offers a bazillion options of the aforementioned items I spoke of. Stay with me on this...just about any motorcycle can be a convertible touring bike! To me the secret consist of having a really good seat, in my case a Corbin, savvy packing capabilities and the ability to use what you have to your advantage! If I wanted to, I can swap out my 'touring seat' for my butt breaking LePera bare bones one-up seat...I already have the detachable sissybar and a quick-release windshield that I do not use! I recently had a conversation in Logansport, Indiana with a fella about what bike he would like to get-I went as far as to say that he would be fine on a Sportster! I wholeheartedly believe that! So, sometimes I can see my bike in the new bikes and say to myself, "Self, we can do that to!" Sometimes there are good ideas right in front of us-right-click, copy, paste! PS My detachable windshield is for sale! Good night!
2004 Softail  "Cool-line" 'touring' bike...LOL


  1. Agreed, any bike can take you wherever you want to go. The detachable sissy bar on my Sportster makes it a touring bike to me. Take the time to research your needs, get a good bag and learn to pack it and go. I have little need for a top case and hard bags, one good pack it all you need.

  2. JT-On the money! I suspect there are quite a few bike owners that do not realize that (what you said) and end up chasing their tails!