Empire State

About thirty-one days from today, I'm headed north into the Empire State for a two night camp out somewhere up in the Putnam/Orange/Dutchess county area; Wyatt is headed that way to. The big ticket draw is the Motorcyclepedia http://motorcyclepediamuseum.org/
and the possibility of some good end of summer riding and campfires! If anybody 'out-there' has some good intel about campsites,activities and/or roads, or if you think you maybe in the area and want to hangout/pitch a tent, speak up!


  1. The 82 commemorative models with the fender and caliper medallions were nick named "Eagle soars alone editions". 82 was Harley's first production year after the buy out from AMF. I had a commemorative Sportster as my first Harley.

  2. Dan-We have room for ya!
    Wes-Thanks for that tid-bit of information! I knew I was looking at a special Shovel but I didn't have a clue until I was reading my Harley-Davidson book but they did not go into great detail as you did!