Beartooth Run 2012: Day Three pt. 1, Nebraska-Wyoming

Writing can be intimidating, overwhelming and even tedious! Trying to articulate a 600 mile day into a single post is not very easy I am going to post incrementally until we reach Casper!
The day before was a REAL cooker! Iowa was an inferno! We thought it best to leave in the wee hours of the morning before the heat appeared in the eastern sky. Ron and I rode effortlessly through the off-color yellow haze of the Lincoln street lights. With out traffic, Lincoln was a breeze to navigate. It did not take us long to leave Lincoln behind us; soon we were covered in the carbon darkness and the early morning air seemed cooler and brisk and tasted like a cold glass of blue Gatorade. The road rose slightly and soon there was no real signs of mankind. My thoughts turned to avoiding wildlife and drunks. After passing a police car that had pulled someone over we reached the town of Seward. A brief stop for a train and we were back out in the dark Nebraska morning. Progress was steady on U.S.34 and soon the big town of Grand Island appeared before us; here we would be picking up U.S.30 west. Alas it was time for breakfast!
This truck was a long way from Hazard County- but it seemed to fit right in! Sunday mornings are usually pretty mellow and quite, but that was interrupted by our freedom machines roaring to life in the Denny's parking lot; we roared out onto the highway. A few minutes later we were moving on down the line, west bound, on good ole U.S. 30! The sun was ascending in the eastern sky and back lighting us and our machines as we moved forward towards Wyoming along the North Platte River.
Riding on the Lincoln Highway through Nebraska in the summer you will see the green cornfields, behemoth irrigation sprinklers, grain elevators marking towns, coal trains and the occasional motorist traveling east bound:
Green Nebraska cornfields, white silos and pewter gray roads are our surroundings for much of the early to mid morning; the further west we traveled past North Platte the cornfields melted into white-gold ranchland and soon enough we would be departing from the Lincoln Highway and onto a scenic byway...but that will be part 2!