Beartooth 2012: Introduction

Beartooth 2012 was based on a conversation my friend Ron and I had back in 2010 over breakfast. Ron wanted to see the Yellowstone National Park and to ride the Beartooth Highway (US 212) in Montana/Wyoming. His life would be flipped upside down when his wife died in January 2011; we post-poned the trip until he was ready. 2012 rolled around and the trip was back on. I made up in my mind that this trip would be for Ron and really not for me, in other words, I wanted to show him a good time and do whatever it took to make sure that he had a good trip! Our trip stared in Lancaster County Pennsylvania and ended in Driggs, Idaho-2082 miles one way! Beartooth 2012 was a real adventure on a physical, spiritual and mental level. I hope to convey to you what it was like on the trip through photographs and word pictures! Here is a link to my Photobucket account with the 772 pictures:
Beartooth 2012

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