Tour Pack, a.k.a. "The Ruck"

Taken from olivedrab.com
I came to the conclusion that my "Flyers Kit Bag", aka "The Tour Pack" was allowing me to pack waaaaaaaay to much 'stuff'. The other issue was the center of gravity was being affected by my packrat tendencies...So, I had a couple of ideas and think that I have settled on one. Initially I was going to use my Camelbak pack that absolutely rules but my wife pointed out that due to it's compact size, I would really be cutting it close for gear storage and souvenirs. The other idea I had was to use my Ruck. The ruck is technically the LC-1 Large combat pack or ALICE pack. We refer to it as a ruck or mountain pack. Big enough to hold a 5 gallon water jug and other gear like mortar rounds and SMAW rounds...I spent a good part of my military experience humping one of those babys around. Evidently they are rated at 70lbs and hold 3800-5000 cubic inches...
"Main Pocket Measures approximately 22 inches x 20 inches x 10 inches, or about 3800 cubic inches. With the additional 6 outside pockets total cubic inches are closer to 5000 cubic inches. The Large alice pack will accomodate your sleeping bag and other gear inside." Warden's Supply
Okay, I'm not doing a memory-lane post about being a grunt but I am going to be using my ruck as my new tour pack...

Here the ruck is loaded at about 95% for a non-camping roadtrip...rainsuit easily secured to the top; a 1qt or 2qt canteen would probably go in the middle pocket. For a camping trip the tent would go inside and sleeping/bedroll would go on the sissybar. So, all of the weight is low and above, slightly forward of the wheel. The ruck is packed in suck a manner to have the 'Barka' effect while seated.

Outer pocket will easily hold my whisper-lite and 22oz fuel bottle. The ruck is secured at three points: a 550 cord handle at the top slides snugly over the sissybar while two straps, one on each side, secure the ruck to the sideplates...So, I am confident that the Ruck will work for my journeys and will be able to accommodate whatever load I'm hauling! Oh, REI is having a killer sale starting the 18th...wonder if I'll get anything...heehee!


  1. Great post.
    For me the idea was "how to travel with less" not "how can I carry more." The travel pack is an ever changing science for me, probably always will be that way.

  2. JT-Yeah, I seem to always want to tweak my gear especially if I see an idea that looks good I will usually want to try it. I believe my ruck will be a good plateform and that my "List" is pretty well dialed in.