Cenic Ride to Centralia

There is a town here in Pennsylvania that has been burning since the early 1960's. I found out that the ride to this quasi-ghost town would be the best part of my adventure.
I only knew about a quarter of my route; soon after crossing over the Appalachian Trail I would be in uncharted roads. The road dictated that I slow down, relax and enjoy the twisty roads as I traveled through the tree canyons.
Eventually I found Centralia; it took a little doing because I lost my map somewhere along the way...I actually road through Centralia a couple times before I even knew that I had; how can you ride through a town and not know it? Well, almost all of Centralia is grown over with small trees and knee high grass. I soon realized that I was traversing the abandoned borough streets but the foundations of the homes-tombstones if you will-started to peak out...After riding around for a bit I found one of three cemeterys-two of which are still maintained-and tied ole girl up so that I could do a little walking. Every now and again the acrid sulfur smell would penetrate the Spring Honeysuckle
Because I did not have a map of Centralia I didn't really know the lay of the town...the cemetery overlooks a hugh pit that is filled with whatever dirt and refuse-the Mad Max dirtbike riders got a kick out of my freedom machine...
Centralia was a coal mining town way back when Anthracite was king...because of a trash fire lighting a vein of King Coal the town burns down beneath like a volcano that can not explode. I will return to Centralia better prepared! I love the irony of a wind farm located on top of coal!

The dead out number the living in Centralia-I think there may only be a dozen or so this side of eternity...


  1. Ah yes IV, you never fail to deliver. Centralia is pretty cool huh? Can't shake the whole Silent Hill thing from it though.

    I'll take those shirts too!

  2. weird town - i thought i was reading fiction for a minute

  3. Man...awesome post.
    I share your curiosity, I think if I lived within riding distance I'd have to cruise through too.
    Be careful though, scary stuff.

  4. Thanks fellas! I will be returning at some point to see more of the 'town'...